Data Replication

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"Be Careful What You Count: Updating State Legislative Turnover in the 50 States",

American Politics Research

This replication folder includes: an excel document containing the total turnover in the upper and lower chamber ("Average Turnover Table"), an excel document "Electoral Turnover" with the average rate of turnover for election years for both chambers. There is also turnover data for all 50 states from 2002 "aggregate_turnover.dta" and a codebook.

The aggregate turnover data file can get you any specific forms of data needed. The excel files contain the aggregate data as a shortcut. I caution against using just electoral data (like Moncrief et al.) as it is not an adequate representation of turnover in state legislatures and has become a more outdated method of measurement. Either measure works well for regressions.

"Electing Educators: How Term Limits Can Increase Representation" (with Gidong Kim), Oklahoma Politics 2021

This replication folder includes: reformatted election data from Carl Klarner (.dta), analysis replication (.do), and an excel file with information on educators.

"Rethinking Retirement: Ambition in Term-Limited Legislatures,"

The Journal of Legislative Studies 2020​​​

This replication folder includes: main dataset (RR_Replication Data.dta), data sub-sample with age (TLS_Sample.dta), retirement information for descriptive statistics (Retirement.dta), analysis replication (.do), and codebook.